The theme of investor centricity drives our management roles and structure. All of the roles within the business are client facing and we expect our people to interact directly with clients as a part of their daily responsibilities.

CEO – Andrew Allright
  • Responsible for company strategy, strategic partnerships, major client relationships as well as business design and execution.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in financial services and alternative asset management.
  • Track record in risk, investment manager due diligence and managed accounts.
Director, Solutions – Tim Bartlett
  • Responsible for finance, marketing, strategic projects and risk excellence.
  • Over 12 years’ experience in financial services and investment management.
  • Track record in finance, governance, project implementation and portfolio management.
Head, Transaction Management – Claire Tyler
  • Responsible for the manager and service provider onboarding.
  • Over 14 years’ experience in the financial services sector.
  • Track record in structuring and manager onboarding
Head, Global Business Development and President, North America – Rob Vanderpool
  • Responsible for strategy, business development and client engagement.
  • Over 17 years’ experience in financial services and asset management.
  • Track record of investment platform management, strategic development and portfolio management.
Head, Product Development– Ankit Rawat
  • Responsible for product development to support business development activities.
  • Over 12 years of experience in financial services including hedge fund administration.
  • Track record in platform operations and client onboarding.

Board of Directors

Our board consists of senior business individuals with deep industry knowledge and decades of management experience in the global financial services industry.

Andrew Allright – Chief Executive Officer
Victoria Muir – Independent Chair
Brian Allis – Executive Director