Managed accounts

Institutional investors today expect transparency, control and independence when managing their third-party manager investments. In addition, they demand full flexibility when allocating assets to their chosen managers, domiciles and counterparties.

InfraHedge, our dedicated managed account business, builds and operates private platforms that are operationally robust, customizable and independent, while maintaining cost-efficiencies and an open-architecture.

Through InfraHedge, we deliver comprehensive tools and services that provide you with the required capabilities to exercise a strong oversight and governance program over these portfolios. Key featured services include:

  • Rigorous data management
  • A wide array of performance, risk and exposure analytics, including sophisticated scenario testing
  • Independent NAV confirmation
  • Third-party cash and collateral management
  • Compliance guideline monitoring
  • Comprehensive, interactive reporting portal tailored to meet your needs

Our experienced team brings a deep understanding of best practices in the asset management industry around managed accounts. A dedicated client service representative will provide you with a single point of contact for your platform, delivering constant expertise and guidance with a holistic view of your program.

Customizable Platforms

Built to your specifications, InfraHedge is an open-architecture offering. You choose the structure, domicile, managers, investment terms, service providers and overall level of control. We work closely with you to document your requirements and manage the launch process of individual funds or accounts.

We help eliminate the upfront costs and time to market of an internal build, while providing you with a market-leading solution for managed accounts. InfraHedge allows you to make all asset management decisions, giving you full transparency to the underlying portfolio and rebalancing tools to test your options.


Through our rigorous approach to data management, you can be confident your daily source data adheres to high standards of data integrity and security. You will be able to direct multi-asset class data from any service provider to our data repository, where we independently confirm, enrich and aggregate it while offering you the full flexibility to tag data with your own organization’s markers. Our operational review of your data includes investigation and resolution of discrepancies and breaks on a daily basis.

InfraHedge’s comprehensive set of risk, exposure and performance analytics crosses the full range of investment strategies, giving you a powerful view into your underlying investments at a strategy, product or portfolio level.

With InfraHedge’s integrated analytics tools, you can drill down into the performance and risk of your portfolio to accurately view risk and return at the security, fund or total portfolio level. By giving you this comprehensive view into your investment portfolio, InfraHedge helps turn your data into actionable insight.

Compliance Guideline Monitoring

Our investment compliance monitoring objectively analyzes whether the underlying managers in your investment program are adhering to your specified guidelines, industry requirements and regulatory limits, providing you with daily breach alerts.

Our expert team can help you customize your investment compliance oversight and simplify monitoring. You’ll benefit from breach notification and workflow tools through our customized dashboards, with comprehensive breach protocol procedures and a full audit trail. From the simplest to the most complex quantitative guidelines, your documented restrictions and limitations can be applied across one or multiple portfolios. You can actively monitor your investments against management policies on a post-trade, pre-settlement date basis.

Online & Mobile Reporting

Our interactive web- and mobile-based reporting platform gives you what you need to address all aspects of your investments. With detailed reporting on performance and attribution, risk, operations and compliance, our highly customizable, user-friendly portal lets you make sense of your data for valuable, actionable insights.