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June 2018 – Portfolio Institutional: Hedge Funds: Out of the shadows?
InfraHedge notes the growing power of institutional investors to shape the industry
March 2018 – HFM InvestHedge: MAP Assets see strongest growth in five years
InfraHedge leads the HFM InvestHedge ranking
February 2018 – HFM InvestHedge: 2018 Outlook Survey sees growing concerns over turn in market
Increase in macro and CTA allocations across the InfraHedge client base as investors mull volatility and correction risks
January 2018 – HFM Week Outlook for the year: A busy year of opportunities and challenges
Managing investor expectations and clear communication will be key for managers
September 2017 – HFM InvestHedge: Assets on MAPs surpass $100bn as trend for customisation has become more widespread
InfraHedge sees significant interest from investors in Europe and the Middle East and continued activity in Asia
May 2017 – Hedge Fund Intelligence: Managed account platforms continue to overshadow their FoHF peers
InfraHedge has retained its position at the top of the asset ranking of managed account platforms
May 2017 – HFM Week: Biggest Managed account platforms see surge of assets
InfraHedge cements its place as the largest platform for a third consecutive time
December 2016 – InvestHedge: Managed account platform innovator InfraHedge rides the institutional asset wave
State Street-owned firm sees investor-focused technology as the future for managed accounts
September 2016 – InvestHedge: Mid-Year 2016 InvestHedge Managed Account Platform Survey
Largest provider InfraHedge drives global growth
July 2016 – Pensions & Investments: Investors warming up to managed accounts
Investors warming up to managed accounts
May 2016 – InvestHedge: Finding value in the details
Pine Street founders rely on managed accounts to create a unique and transparent seeding and accelerator capital process
October 2015 – The Hedge Fund Journal: InfraHedge
The largest MAP - infrastructure provider
December 2014 – Hedgeweek: Private platforms
Why buy the whole car when you can customise the parts?
September 2013 – Hedge Funds Review: Mapping the future
Hedge Funds Review survey of managed accounts platforms
February 2013 – InvestHedge: Managed Account Profile
State Street’s infrastructure-only managed account arm is designed to encourage innovation
October 2012 – Hedge Funds Review: InfraHedge launch boost industry AUM
InfraHedge launch boost industry AUM
May 2012 – The Hedge Fund Journal: InfraHedge
A novel approach to managed account platforms